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Under "A Different View",  is a painting "Where I Would Rather Bee"  that I have dedicated to my  father in law John.  He passed away September 19, 2011.   The empty sofa represents someone missing, the bubble on the sofa, his spirit,  the bee , a transformation, the faded hour glass, lost time.  We let green  balloons go in his honor , I wanted to hold on to the one in the painting , he loved the color green, and the Ocean.  He was greatly loved and will always be missed...........

Hi everyone,  Jim my  website wizard,  has made some changes to the site,  and Iam really excited about it,  so please  check it out!    There are several more paintings just added,  and the latest in my current series  Tarot  called "Justice".  I have just started on the fifth painting, and I hope to have a solo exhibition with the completed series this fall......................Open Studio April 14th & 15th was a success with a nice show of people visiting all of us at the studio...........Thanks for staying tuned..............!

Hi,  I have a new painting posted to the site under "Amate"  titled "Jaguar Power" .

 I am very grateful and honored  that this painting has allowed me an opportunity to participate in my first International exhibit.

This painting is going to be on exhibit in Mexico where the Amate paper is made by Pahuatlan Puebla from the bark of trees.  The painting of the paper is considered a way to communicate with God and is sacred.  From Mexico the Amate Exhibition, will travel to Spain..........more details later,  but I am very excited!!


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