It is my love of texture that made me decide to delve into encaustics........and once there, I discovered the "Magic" of the wax............It can be manipulated, but more often than not it creates  the motion, and magic  with very minimal assistance from the artist.  I love the depth, the texture, the richness of color that you can acheive,  it is so very organic and compelling............

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All In Our Hands
12" X 12" Mixed Media Encaustic

Since the onset of the Industrial Age, Our effect on the planet has greatly increased. Not only have our numbers increased dramatically, but the drain on
the Earth’s resources seem without end, or thought for the future. Every living system on this planet is dependent in one way or another on each other.
We have been for the most part ignoring or denying this fact. We have become ultimate consumers living on a planet that does not have infinite resources.
In the Twelfth Hour our survival and the survival of the entire planet is “In Our Hands." It is time, way past time, to replenish and restore, conserve, on a
global basis, be respectful and show caring for this place we call home.

Wandering Through the Wasteland of Time
16" X 16" Mixed Media Encaustic
Sold - In Private Collection

3 am,  the so called witching hour.
It is the hour that most women,
Who can’t remain sleeping,
A torrent river of thoughts
circling in consciousness
Each turn round becoming larger
louder, with more & more details
pouring into funnels of the mind
All despite the inner plea for silence
The minutes & hours pass
And still thoughts churning
Return to the river
again & again & again

Classical Music
16" X 16" Mixed Media Encaustic

Classical Music
Peaceful swells and tides
Beautifully harmonized instruments
The sound  welling
Fills our being
Arising from our roots
Reaching for the sky
The great Crescendo

16" X 16" Mixed Media Encaustic
Sold - In Private Collection
Where our minds can wander
Back through our childhood
Into the future
Hope gives birth to stories
Memories of our fondest times
Fear of what we dread
A jeweled pendulum swinging
Fantasy set free
We watch while we sleep and rest
And sometimes change the scenes
Our movies play before us
What wonders they bring us before daylight breaks
Ahhhh to dream

8" X 8" Encaustic


10" X 10" Encaustic mounted on 16" X 16" panel board 


Deep within the river
The pulsing stream of my life
I find the pain that blocks my joy
I feel it
deal with it
and then let it go
Only now can I face the day
and move forward

In To The Cosmos
10" X 10" X 1" Encaustic
Sold - in Private Collection
Into The Cosmos

Lost in silence
Beauty overwhelming
Where am I bound?
Take me to where everything began
Where my heart can rest
Safe, secure

10 “ X 10 “ mounted on 12”  cradle board
Sold - In Private Collection


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