Women/Women is an ongoing series that is close to my heart .......Thoughts, Experiences, Emotions, positive and negative, that not only I have, but I believe I share with most other women.  I have created a  book Women/Women which also includes some of my encaustic paintings, and now  "On Letting Go" is the first painting which will be a part of Women/Women II.  Painting my ideas of feminine spirit in a non traditional way is what has inspired me
and made me passionate about art.

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Becoming Invisible
Becoming Invisible
24" X 48" Acrylic on board

Becoming Invisible (detail)

Becoming Invisible (detail)

Becoming Invisible

Sometimes I have a day
A day that makes you
want to disappear

To Lay down somewhere
and just
Become Invisible

Melt into the background
you can't be found

All your cares just wash away
like so much summer rain

You can watch the world go by
but at a distance
and not feel the need
to participate

Ahhh yes, to be
in stealth mode
I've always thought that cats
are the champions
of stealth

They are there
yet not
unseen, unheard, aloof
until they are ready

I think I shall wish myself
to be a cat, a leopard
on those  day's
the one's that make you
want to disappear

The Storm
The Storm
36" X 48" Mixed Media on canvas

The Storm detail 1

The Storm detail 2

The Storm

You feel it coming
the darkness
the knowing

The pain may be grief
may be anger
or despair

The loss of a loved one
Deep betrayal
An old childhood wound

How it started
doesn't really matter
The storm is here

You feel it coming
the darkness
the knowing

It builds inside
a thunderstorm
your heart darkens
Pain strikes
tears fall like hard driven rain

Sometimes you can stuff it
other days you cannot hold it in

You feel it coming
the darkness
the knowing

The storm within

Liquid Meditation
24" X 48" Acrylic on wood
Sold - In Private Collection 

The water cool
enveloping me in it's gentle movement

Light streaking through the surface

Warmth comes through the light
the coral grows

There is a silence
but it is not still

The sound is soothing

Vast spaciousness
teeming with life

I become a part of the sea
and it becomes a part of me

Down below
the cold dark depth

Maintaining Balance image
Maintaining Balance
24" X 48" Mixed on canvas

Maintaining Balance Detail image

How to stay focused
stay on track
so much to do
so much to integrate

How to stay balanced
maintain a good attitude
a cheerful disposition

Grow my spirit
and still obtain materials things
I want and
think I need

Life can feel like
a three ring circus
some days

I try
I am authentic
I manage
most of the time
but occasionally
my balance fails
I struggle

Anger flairs
or despair
funny, how joy
usually remains understated

In the end
all I can really do
is give it my best
and go forward

Always trying to
Maintain Balance

Canyon Spirit
24" X 36" Mixed on canvas

Canyon Spirit
What better place to empower me
the canyon
thousands of years in the making
by the most powerful forces on the planet
It is here I shall stand
in my body & spirit
Part of the land
Part of the sky


Leap of Faith
24" X 48" Mixed on canvas

Leap Of Faith
As Little girls we fantasized
such things as castles, knights, & unicorns
A Princess in a land of enchantment and misty filled meadows
Promises of what life could be, should be
enriching, enlightened, with the joy that every princess is promised
with never a doubt that these things were all possible

Now as a woman
living in a world that is not always what we dreamed of or bargained for
and one that we have learned at times does not seem fair or kind
I am looking into myself to see what is there
How to seek
How to become
How to Recapture the wonder
The belief in the magic that  surrounds us

I choose to take a leap of faith
just as I did as a child
when belief came easily and naturally
celebrating the mysteries of our being
I will explore the mist and know
I hold the truth within

20" X 30" Acrylic on paper/board

Our Mother Earth
she is lover, mother, child
strong, beautiful , powerful
yet vulnerable, a woman

As Lover her awesome beauty
inspires & tempts us
reaching for her very heights
the deepest depths
to enrich us, enliven & invigorate us
to delight us in our ability to conquer
her most perilous offerings

As mother she sustains us
our home she nurtures & provides
air, that we may breath
food, so we may eat
water, shelter & comfort
sometimes harsh
her lessons teach us endurance
the circle of life

As child she is one small component
of a vast universe
one child of creation
becoming, evolving
and one day to die herself

A strong, beautiful, powerful woman
her vulnerability
the depletion and violence  she endures due to unconscious acts
abuses of all that she gives
constant drain of her resources
seemingly blind eyes
that she too needs nurturing & care
to continue to sustain us
her children

What Shall I Wear Today?
20" X 30" Mixed on paper/board

What Shall I Wear Today
As my eyes greet the morning sun
The warmth and light stir me
Outside birds have started their day
Singing, foraging, winging across the blue sky
I slowly become aware of the day before me
And as my senses awaken , so does my mind
I check inside to see
What shall I wear today?

My choice of clothing is not on my mind,
at least not yet
Instead , what are my emotions in this moment?
How will I walk into this day?
What mask will look outwardly on all those I see
no matter what the truth is, what  desires are,
what  the fears are that paralyze
all which are lurking just beneath the surface
I have a lot to do, to think about, to feel about

I am inwardly angry at politics
and the endless status quo
the world seems in more dire turmoil than before
even our beautiful  planet is protesting
I am distressed and sad for all those suffering
So many have lost so much
One way or another
So, What mask?
A Rainbow of Happiness?
Moody Anger?
Pitifully Blue?

Here I am soaking in the warm sun
wondering how to start this glorious gift of a day?

Let me be happy
No, I choose to be happy!
That is the Face I shall wear today
I am so blessed!
As my feet touch the sweet soft green of the grass
and the sweet smell of spring blossoms surround me
I am Happy!
I am so grateful for who I am, for where I am
For the people I have chosen to share my life
and for those that have chosen me to share in theirs
Thank you!
So I start my day wearing the blessings I have received
And this day will reflect my happiness & joy!


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