Women/Women is an ongoing series that is close to my heart .......Thoughts, Experiences, Emotions, positive and negative, that not only I have, but I believe I share with most other women.  I have created a  book Women/Women which also includes some of my encaustic paintings, and now  "On Letting Go" is the first painting which will be a part of Women/Women II.  Painting my ideas of feminine spirit in a non traditional way is what has inspired me
and made me passionate about art.

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24" x 48" Acrylic and oil on wood
Sold - In Private Collection

Journey (detail)

Journey (detail)

There is a time
A time to look inward
whether or not that journey is made
early or late
There is some overt clarity
As you look inside
but also sometimes a veil
that is not quite lifted as of yet
feelings you may have forgotten
or struggle with still
Discovering each layer
your strengths and joys
will follow the unfolding
of the deep look inside
A journey
well worth taking
Peacefulness the grand reward

Becoming Spring
Becoming Spring
48" x 48" Sculptural Mixed Media on board 

Becoming Spring (detail)

Becoming Spring (detail)

Becoming Spring

I have waited countless hours for blossoms to reappear
Through cold winter nights I dreamed the newness of another year 

The snow and ice begin to melt
And I can smell the musty moisture as it runs down from mountain tops 

The bubbling sound of creeks and rivers grow
as the melted water starts to flow 

Then finally the trees bud out
Once again so green 

And Blossoms start to fill the air
with the fragrance of sweet Spring 

Reflections Real or Not?
Reflections Real or Not?
30" x 30" Acrylic and oil on board 

Reflections Real or Not? (detail)

Reflections Real or Not? (detail)

Reflections Real or Not?

The mirror reflects what is  in front of it
But as we look at that reflection
Is that what we actually see?

Or is what we see changed and shaped
By what we think, feel & believe

Sometimes seeing flaws that no one else can see
Sometimes seeing what we want to be

I wonder what is reality 
When I see the reflection
That is supposed to be me 

My Power Suit II
My Power Suit II
36" x 48" Mixed Media on board

My Power Suit II (detail)

My Power Suit II (detail)

My  Power Suit

There is a reason that the so called “power suit”
has historically been a black suit, white shirt and black tie
there is a reason why a tuxedo is the ultimate formal wear
Why weddings are traditionally black & white

Black & WhiteSuch a powerful combination
The contrast is so striking it cannot be ignored
It demands attention That is why I am so attracted
Black & White is so empowering
So Powerful

In my mind my power suit allows me to control
my world, my universe
What a wonderfully, exhilarating feeling
to own my present and my future

And then to realize
In reality my power suit
Is me

And . . . I Create
And . . . I Create
30" x 30" Acrylic on board

And . . . I Create (detail) 

And . . . I Create

 Life is like a symphony
a grand composition of
decisions & choices

In the vast open slate of the universe
my beliefs , my thoughts,  my paths
create not only my experience
but myself

Life is a glorious gift
so let the Sonata begin

And.........I Create

Winter Dreams
Winter Dreams
24" x 36" Acrylic on canvas 

Winter Dreams (detail) 

Winter Dreams (detail) 

Winter Dreams

My eyes heavy, I fall to sleep
The coolness that I long for, becomes a story
An adventure to an inner peace

A space where the beauty of the winter
shines glistening in the moon
I rest 

On Letting Go
On Letting Go
24" X 36" Acrylic and oil on canvas
Sold - In Private Collection

On Letting Go (detail)

On Letting Go (detail)

On Letting Go

Let Go, ...... Just Let Go

how many times have you heard those words
they seem to resound from every corner

Let Go, ….. Just Let Go

It sounds so easy
Walk away, get over it, get on with it, be done

 Let Go , ….. Just Let Go

It sounds right , the exact thing you need to do
and yet
there is something, something deep inside that stops you....
something …..as if it is guarding , protecting, hanging on to
that which you, sincerely know you
need  and want to let go of

 Let Go, ….... Just let Go

The struggle is within yourself
What will happen if I let go of the pain, the heartache, the agony
Will that mean I don't care anymore?
I must fear letting go will mean
that I am indifferent,  no emotion to show me how important this was
and it was Important, it is Important

Let Go, ...... Just Let Go

I think it actually means I can retain the learning, the love, the memories
and just give up the pain

Let Go, ….... Just Let go

I will

I'm working on it

I've come a long way

If On Another World
If On Another World
24" x 36" Acrylic and oil on canvas

 If On Another World (detail)

If On Another World (detail)

If On Another World

If on another world

Maybe we could see
What we seem not to see here

Here, where we live
Where we breathe

Maybe we could see
Life in a different light

Here where we dance
Where we sing

If on another world

Maybe we could see
All life as one


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