Classical Music encaustic painting    I have been involved with art in some form, for most of my life.   Mostly self taught, I have taken various workshops  over the years, and in the last year 1/2 I have been studying with the renowned Mexican artist Quetzally Hernandez Coronado.  
     In the beginning of 2010 my work began to change and evolve more than ever before.  I now use more materials, encaustics, oils, acrylic, special objects.  I started to pour paint, and add assemblage, and the prose I have written with some of my paintings has  began to tell stories that give each a life beyond the canvas.
     Every day I find a stronger calling to look further into  feminine & spiritual concepts,  and how I want to express them in surrealistic scenarios.  I constantly wonder where, how & why I exist in the world as I do. All the while trying to find my own personal stillness in a mind that is constantly reviewing my dreams.


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